Erotics Classics 1

The customs, practices and knowledge of medieval sex unveiled. A comprehensible introduction to the topic with all the existing texts of the time translated into English.

This book presents three texts written by different authors who lived in Europe during the Middle Ages: The book of intercourse by Constantine the African (11th century, Salerno), the anonymous The minor book of intercourse (12th century, Salerno) and the Manual to copulate (14th–15th centuries, Catalonia), also of unknown authorship.

Besides the modern English translations, this book provides their historical and cultural context, paying attention to their influences, and also a didactical synthesis on the topic: a concise introduction to the conception of sex in that time.

Víctor Pérez

The author, Dr. Víctor Lluís Pérez Garcia, is a history teacher in Tarragona (Catalonia), archaeology researcher and orientalist, expert in poliorcetics and polemology.

Constantine the African

Medieval writer (Carthage, 11th c.) from the Medical School of Salerno (Italy) who translated several treatises from Arabic to Latin.

Genre: history of sexuality, medieval literature.

Pages: 205

Size: 5 x 8 inches (12.7 x 20.32 cm)

Illustracions: miniatures from medieval manuscripts and maps in black and white (paperback) or in colour (electronic).

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