Edicions Excalibur is an independent publishing imprint based on Tarragona (Catalonia), committed to the defence of:

The art of writing (literature). 

The study of the past (history and archaeology).

The right to knowledge (and other values of the Humanism).

The freedom of creation and expression (without censorship or puritanism).

The Catalan nation and its language.

We publish adventure literary fiction, monographs on history, archaeological guides and studies on ancient technical treatises (mainly military and erotic), both in Catalan and in English.

We seek the balance between specialization and instructiveness, to bring academic knowledge to a broad public in a comprehensible language.


NOVELS: Original works and masterpieces of the literary genres of historical adventure, sword and sorcery and historical fantasy.

● FORTIFICACIONS: Ancient manuals on siegecraft (poliorcetics) and the art of war (polemology) and illustrated guides on ancient city walls, castles and military forts.

● EROTIC: Ancient sex manuals, history of sexuality and historical erotic novels.

OTHERS: Cultural guides and handbooks on archaeology.

Translation rights

Should you be interested in translate and publish one of our titles you can contact us by e-mail. 




Tarragona (Catalonia)