Medieval shows that bring back memories of magnificent stories of knights.

We have a broad range of proposals to choose from, all these including but not limited to fights and combats with the highest quality:

  • Adventures and humor: Thieves, soldiers, executioners among many other characters engaged in all kind of quarrels that lead us to a fantastic world that blends humor with action. There is no shortage of punches, falls, amazing fights or “deadly” weapons such as brooms, stools and buckets.
  • The Master of Arms: Educational displays that combine live struggles with descriptions from the Master of Arms, a great scholar with a deep knowledge of traditions, knights’ life course, curiosities, and combat techniques in the medieval time. Training exhibitions with holds, falls, techniques and real fights displaying a wide variety of weapons and how they were used at the time.
  • Nights duel: With a hectic pace of fights, our specialists will be dressed in their best finery to face up to the evil Captain Osrich in a county or save the village from a siege.

Our more than 15 years of experience in the action theatre ensure the success of the event.